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In 2001 the founding members of CCJJ LLC were introduced to a burgeoning new technology created by Ferro, a leading US manufacturer of tints and pigments, called Complex Inorganic Compounded Pigments or CICP’s. Over the next several years, with the assistance of several chemists and technicians whose expertise lay in coatings, this CICP technology was merged with water borne epoxy technology to create a superior coating, able to withstand the elements and high temperatures while reflecting a maximum degree of solar radiation. Through this unique combination, lower thickness requirement can be achieved while still providing a prolonged period of protection. Through the use of the CICP’s, various colors can be achieved as opposed to just white, while still providing optimum levels of solar reflectance and emissivity. CCJJ LLC officially started in 2006 with the purpose of bringing Coat 'N' Cool® roof coatings to market. The Company was born from the founders of Aqua Mix Inc. CCJJ LLC was founded on similar principals of honesty, environmental stewardship, high quality products, and providing technical information for the consumer. CCJJ LLC is a family run California company that is eager to help in shaping the future with these values and experience. As a Company, we are very excited and proud of our primary product, Coat ’N’ Cool®.

Mike Magallenes
Michael Magallenes

Michael Magallanes is the Vice President of Sales for Coat ‘N’ Cool®. Prior to the creation of CCJJ LLC the makers of Coat ’N’ Cool roof coatings in 2006, Michael Magallanes served in various customer service, technical, and sales positions with a water-based chemical manufacturer with annual gross sales of 25 million. Michael Magallanes served on the Compaines Strategic Planning Committee for five years and was responsible for western wholesale distribution sales. As the Director of Technical Services, Michael Magallanes has had his technical articles published through Aqua Mix Inc, and conducted several training programs throughout the United States on the subjects of maintenance, tile, and stone. Michael Magallanes is an active member in International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) and maintains Coat ‘N’ Cool® as an IFMA Corporate Sustaining Partner.

Russ Giess
Russell Giess

Russell Giess is the Vice President of Operations for Coat ‘N’ Cool® roof coatings. Prior to the creation of CCJJ LLC the Makers of Coat ’N’ Cool® in 2006, Russell served in various production and operational positions with a water-based chemical manufacturer with annual gross sales of 25 million, for 18 years. Russell served on that Companies Strategic Planning Committee for 5 years and was responsible for all manufacturing activities.  As the Director of Production, Russell oversaw the constant improvement of quality with improved automating systems, to improved procedures. Russell also oversaw the Research and Development department and the development of numerous product breakthroughs in cleaners and sealers for tile, stone, and grout. Russell also headed the relocation of the manufacturing plant and corporate offices into one California facility. Russell is an active member in United States Green Building Council (USGBC).